People in relationships have all the fun they said, people in relationships never get bored they said. Well here’s 11 “but’s” to that statement.

1. When they leave you unread on Whatsapp and you log on to Twitter to see them tweeting and retweeting Wizkid vs Davido bants.

zikoko- people In Relationships

I thought I meant the world to you? Why you treat me like a WhatsApp broadcast message? If you want to break up then send a long ass message like an adult.

2. When someone drops a compliment on your picture but you’re not sure if replying the comment means flirting or not. 

zikoko- people In Relationships

To reply or not to reply?

3. The see-finish.

zikoko- people In Relationships

When the relationship first started you woke up to messages detailing how perfect you are and how beautiful your imperfections are but 2 weeks later they are now giving you one syllabus replies.

4. The low key insecurity that comes up when you see bae/boo with someone you think is better looking than you. 

zikoko- people In Relationships

5. When they have another bestie that is not you.

I don’t know if you heard but office of the girlfriend/boyfriend comes overlaps with office of the bestie. 

6. When you are caught in a compromised situation and the truth really sounds like a joke.

Like who will belive that your battery truly ran down just as you bumped into your ex at the bar? Yes we don’t believe it either. Not even me.

7. When you are broke but you still have to send cake, a bouquet of naira notes, and buy the latest iPhone as a birthday surprise. 

8. You when anon sends your boo/bae a gift.

Which basically means you have to “Sherlock Holmes” the situation to know if you’re about to be replaced and your replacement is already making moves.

9. When you see the vibe has changed but you are not sure if it is the end of the relationship or the phase before the end of the relationship. 

Like are we breaking up or just hitting a low because this meme I just read said I should dump you now.

10. When you take a Zikoko relationship quiz and the result tells you that you are actually single. 

Is this quiz result a joke or is my relationship the real joke? 

11. When you read relationship self-help books and all the bad relationship examples they cite sounds like your relationship. 

Is this a sign or am I actually revolutionizing what a relationship should mean? 

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