Everybody knows that Nigerian women don’t play with their birthdays. They’re either going for the pomp of an engagement party or they’re switching off their phones till the day passes. Here are six ways Nigerian women celebrate their birthdays. 


1. Photoshoot 

What’s a Nigerian woman’s birthday without a photoshoot? They start planning the photoshoot a year in advance so nothing can go wrong. These birthday pictures sometimes double as headshots for work. You know how versatile Nigerian women can be. 

2. Dinner with friends 

Nigerian women love an elaborate dinner with friends to celebrate their new age, one where they can invite all their friends and frenemies. Sometimes, their exes might even be there. Anything for the celebrant. 

3. Date with partner 

Nothing says, “I am loved,” like a picture of a Nigerian woman and her man’s legs or hands or back view — as long as his face doesn’t show. 

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4. Clubbing games

Another thing Nigerian women love is to feel like the center of attention; birthdays at the club are a perfect way to experience that. The hype man will focus on cheering her up, the DJ will focus on playing her favorite songs. 

5. Games night

Games night, especially with a bring your own bottle, is one of the best ways for Nigerian women to celebrate their birthdays. It saves money — no need to buy an expensive outfit or plan drinks for a crowd. Just dress up and show up. 

6. Alone time 

When all the plans fail, switch off your phone till the birthday is over. You can’t come and kill yourself. 

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