Ladies, see our lives on these streets…

Just two months ago, we were the cream of the crop, nails done, hair done, everything did. Getting bi-weekly pedicures,waxes and deep conditioning treatments was such a given, the idea that it would be taken away from us seemed almost laughable, and yet, again:

We spoke to 6 girls who are going through the most, attempting to perform the miracles hairdressers, wax ladies and nail technicnans ahve performed for them most of their adult lives. Here’s what they had to say


If someone had told me getting my hair into tiny twists was so hard, I’d never have beleived it. I feel so bad for complaining when my hair dresser charged me 3,5000 for regular twists. Who knew my hair was this full?

I won’t lie, about two weeks ago, I was tempted to just brave this virus and ask my hair lady to pity my life and open shop for me. But men, once I remembered that it’s the person that is alive that can do hair, I just opened Skinny Girl in Transit season one and started twisting the hair by myself jeje. I won’t kill myself for my mother.


If you’ve never attempted to wax yourself and you think this lockdown is the perfect time to start, I’m here to tell you not to. In fact, I’m begging you. Normally, I have this wonderful Northern woman that comes to my house to wax me just about every three weeks. Sometimes two weeks, depending on how I’m feeling. 

Obviously, with the virus out, she can’t come anymore. All I’ll say is that I attempted some home made wax, let that poorly made home made wax on for too long and down there currently looks like.. See, I prefer not to speak.


I just want everyone to know I sent a picture holding my workout bottle to my boyfriend and he asked me why I never told him how my fingers got deformed. I need my nail lady back. I need her back yesterday.


I know we all joke about wash day, but honestly, I wouldn’t wish consecutive wash weeks on my worst, wildest enemy. It is the ghetto. On the plus side, who needs arms day at the gym when you’re struggling to comb 4C hair. Two birds one stone, abi how do they talk am?

What are you struggling with during the lockdown?


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