The Unfortunate Third Mainland Suicide Story Has Sparked A Much Needed Conversation On Mental Health

March 20, 2017
On March 19, while most Nigerians were on the way back home from church driving back home church, Dr Orji- a Nigerian doctor on his way to Lagos Island- allegedly ordered his unsuspecting driver to park on the Third Mainland bridge, stepped out of his car and jumped into the lagoon, ending his own life.

This sad news, unfortunately not first of its kind, once again highlights the importance and also absence of adequate mental health awareness in Nigeria.

1. Being a vocal bunch, especially when it comes to social issues, Nigerians on Twitter chooked mouth in news a

2. This really helpful tweet.

3. Some have blamed Nigeria’s poor mental health awareness on religion.

4. How depression starts in some Nigerian homes.

5. Depression and sadness are not the same.

6. People volunteered to help.

7. But helping people with mental health challenges comes with a huge responsibility.

8. To the cyberbullies…

9. It’s important for people with mental health issues to seek professional help.

10. Mental health is real and cannot be wished/prayed away.

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