Nigerian Politicians And Foreign Politicians Have A Lot More In Common Than We Thought And Here’s Why

March 18, 2016

Let’s go a little back in time to the elections period in Nigeria.

To when realistic and unrealistic promises were made, and “generous”politicians suddenly remembered the hungry, starving, Nigerian masses.

And since honesty isn’t necessarily a Nigerian trait..

Many politicians shared branded food items (and other gifts) which were eagerly received by some greedy voters.

Packaged rice.

For those that place Jollof above necessary infrastructure that should be provided by Nigerian leaders.

Odourless Fufu

In case the smell of mainstream Fufu gets in the way.

And recharge card to call the love of your life.

Aren’t our politicians just thoughtful?

Let’s flip the script and go to Europe where this politician is going to spend two years in prison.

Florin Popescu, a Romanian politician is being jailed for a crime he committed in 2012 while he was lobbying for votes for his re-election into office as a  council leader.

He used his political position to secure an order of 60 tonnes of fried chicken worth $85,000 and shared it to voters in a bid to make them vote for him.

He loaded the chicken packages into trailers and distributed them at several locations. Although he resigned earlier in February 2016 and claimed it was for the “good of the country”, Florin currently nicknamed the Chicken Baron will be cooling off in prison for two years as part of Romania’s crackdown on Kwaraption!

Will this kind of crackdown ever happen in Nigeria?

We wait. [zkk_poll post=24520 poll=content_block_standard_format_8]

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