Have you ever wondered why there are no superheroes in Nigeria? With no fuel, no light, and the pressure to marry,  how will they succeed? Here are 20 reasons superheroes cannot survive in Nigeria:

1. Batman may get stranded.

2. No light to charge Iron man’s suit too.

3. Nigerian’s will have many problems with Wonder Woman.

4. And will probably shame her for being a female superhero.

5. And call her Ashawo.

6. Thor’s hammer would’ve gone missing.

7. Because the only Nigerians that can fly are witches and wizards…

8. Keep me anon Twitter would’ve have sent SubDeliveryMan a few DMs.

9. They wouldn’t have capes because Nigerian tailors are just disappointing.

10. Lagos traffic won’t let Batman be great.

11. Who wants to wear cape in this heat?

12. Nigerians can even call them oversabi people.

13. Batman will probably be too busy fighting his uncles over his father’s property.

14. The Incredible Hulk would’ve faced wahala with this mum.

15. Because someone can’t even take a little nap during morning devotion.

16. The flash would be that really fast Gala and La casera guy in traffic.

17. Spider man won’t be able to fight crime on the mainland.

18. Antman may die prematurely….

19. Will Aquaman takeover dominion of the seas from the mammywater just like that?

20. What is an Iron man without light please?


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