Nigerian DJs, It Is Time To Retire These Songs!!!

October 31, 2018

Nigerians love to party! Ask your parents, sister, anyone! Faaji is fully in our blood

It’s true. We wouldn’t lie

From Monday-Sunday, you can find people partying up at a club, bar, house party, you name it!

If dancing is allowed, you’ll find us there live and direct!

Our own is that, from Rumours to Escape, we can bet your last 5k you’ll hear at least 3 of these songs playing:

‘All I Do is Win’ was a jam the first 2 years, but in 2018, we’re not too sure about that

We have been winning since 2010, we thank God. Next song please!

Even Chris Brown has rested this song, but Nigerian Djs? Mba no

Yeah (x3) to letting this song rest a little. Please and thanks!

Shaku is hard enough to dance to, you can’t be throwing this song in the mix every 5 minutes

Please pity those of us with two left legs

‘I Got A Feeling’ has to be the one of the most over-played songs in the club, we lie?

We’ve got a feeling this song should be retired ASAP!

If you are TIRED of hearing ‘Numb/Encore’ playing in clubs, you are not alone!

Do I shoki? Play an air guitar? What do I do?

We love 50 Cent, but this song has been playing since we were in primary school #enoughisenough

Go shawty! no literally, please go!

Did all Nigerian DJs sit and agree to always play this song to keep Fat Joe happy?

Because we don’t understand again!

Remember when Dorobucci came on and you had to refrain yourself from dancing with handkerchief?

We lowkey miss when this song came on every five minutes!

To wrap this up, please feel free to never stop playing Shakiti Bobo, we’ll always be ready

Can’t wait till I’m 90 and annoying my grandkids with the Shakiti- bobo dance.

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