All The Struggles We’ve Had To Endure To Listen To Music.

November 6, 2019

It’s the year 2004. Usher has just dropped ‘Burn’ and you’re trying to get this song on your Nokia 3310, so your tears can have background music after Nnena in JSS2 ticked ‘No’ when you asked if she liked you.

You probably either downloaded the polyphonic ringtone, or attempted and failed to make the ringtone by yourself. See struggle!

But that’s just one of the struggles we had to go through to get music on our phones. Do any of these struggles to listen to music sound familiar?

1. Recording songs from television or radio just to have your favourite song on your phone.

Beyonce will be singing ‘Halo’ and you’ll be hearing kra-kra from the television static as the back-up singer.

2. Receiving struggle ringtone-songs via infrared.

If you didn’t join your phone with another phone like it was their wedding day, just to be able to have small gbedu to dance to, did you even live?

3. One time for this legend.

We must give honour to whom it is due!

4. I mean, look at what people had to go through to listen to music at the gym!

Who needs weights when you had walkmans waiting and ready for you?

5. If your love for music didn’t have you carrying gadgets about like you were a part-time salesboy in Computer Village, then just know:

From iPods to mp3 players, to walkmans, to cassette players. See, we really tried.

6. Has this ever been you when they try to pass the aux cord in the car?

Not because you don’t have music, but because you don’t want to expose all the illegal places you download your music from. We have your type at home!

Thankfully, all these struggles aren’t your portion anymore and you have MTN’s Music Time App to thank. If you have an android phone, all you have to do is download the Music Time application from the Play Store here, and get all the songs you’ve always wanted to listen to, stress-free literally at the palm of your hand.

Oya everybody, say thank you MTN.

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