Too long since the last time you paid your priest a visit? Have something to get off your chest, but no one to tell it to? We’ll take all of it.

101 Confessions is our way of unburdening you from anything you’ve been feeling guilty about and tighting to your chest, and we mean anything. Let us have it.

Anonymous, 29.

Now, before anyone comes for me — I was young, fine as hell and very hot-blooded when what happened … happened. Blame those things, not me.

When I was in 300 Level, I had the most unbelievably gorgeous girlfriend. We had been dating for a while and I swear on anything, I was 100% faithful to her —

… For the first month.

After that, it was wilding out and about.

On the day in question, she drove to my BQ in Computer ( Bayajida), Unilag with one of her friends. She wanted to do one of those terrible, on-the-spot, ‘I miss my boyfriend‘ visits. No warning whatsoever.

Only problem is, at the time, I was in my room consummating a conquest that had taken me two months to achieve.

Thankfully, my boys were seated outside when she came through. A quick text to me and I put my phone on DND.

They convinced her I had just popped out to see a friend off and should be back soon. Taking her to the room adjacent to mine, they entertained her while I finished with my entertainment.

When I was done, I asked my em… friend, to remain in the room while I went to get us ‘food’ for the night. A quick text to my friends telling them I was headed to theirs and I was good.

I entered the room and pretended to be surprised to see her there. After explaining that my phone service had been down for the whole evening, I was able to convince her and her friend to drive us into campus to get dinner on my tab. Oh, the extra pack I bought was in case I got hungry later that night.

After making sure my girlfriend returned to her hostel and texting her a big thank you for coming through, I returned to my room to feed my dinner and eat her out too.

Eventually, my relationship ended.

We’re still cool though and from time to time, we hang out. But I will never, ever confess what happened that evening to her.


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