Two things in life are certain: death and the fact that Nigerian and Lagos State will take you fi idiat.

Well not anymore, on Saturday – February 8th, 2020, we protest!

What is the #OccupyLagos protest?

The #OccupyLagos protest is organised, not by any corporate bodies or influencer shrews, but by everyday Lagosians who are simply concerned about how rapidly things are declining in the ‘megacity’ that they live in. They’ve decided to put their foot down.

Why is the #OccupyLagos protest happening?

The #OccupyLagos protest is against the recent, poorly thought out ban on okadas and keke-napeps; the popular motorcycles and tricycles used as means of transport in Lagos State.

The ban was made without recourse to the thousands or more accurately, millions who rely on these vehicles to eke out a living and those whose livelihoods are heavily dependent on being able to move swiftly with the ease of a keke-napep or an okada.

That said, if you need additional reasons to participate in this protest; we’ve got you covered.

Why the #OccupyLagos protest has to happen.

In case you’re unaware, Lagosians are living in a megacity that is yet to:

  1. Find a sustainable solution to uncovered manholes which have been known to cause the death of at least one person – Adewura Bello.
  2. Develop a sustainable transport system
  3. Be self-sustaining in generating electricity for its inhabitants.
  4. Have working streetlights statewide.
  5. Develop its waterways for transportation.
  6. Have qualitative education for students in government-owned schools.
  7. Find a solution to its drainage crisis.
  8. Manage its waste problem.
  9. Solve its housing deficit
  10. Find sustainable homes and welfare systems for its homeless.

If you are done pretending to be okay with this sham of a megacity, the protest will hold again, on February 8th, in Surulere for those residing in the Lagos mainland, and Eko Atlantic City, for those on the Island.

Come in comfortable/sporty clothing, and your funniest, wittiest, angriest placards; but note that it is strictly a peaceful protest, use your words only. Defaulters will be handed to security agents. That said, let’s give them a Lagos protest they’ll never forget.


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