Nigeria Is So Annoying, Why Can’t We Stop Loving It?

November 23, 2018

I don’t understand this thing. We don’t have water, there’s no light, but somehow I can’t bring myself to cancel this country completely.

Is this not a problem like this?

For instance, is this your reaction if you’re complaining about this country to your American friend in Chicago, and they start agreeing and adding extra to it

Hello, your work is to listen. Nobody sent you this one.

Or when you go to cool your nerves in the abroad and in the midst of all the oyibos, you hear an Igbo voice on the bus saying “ndi conainers rutere?”

Lie that you won’t run to sit with them.

No matter how annoying Nigeria is, you will always see Nigerian parents going the hardest in lace and gele for their children’s graduations abroad.

Just be giving them Nigerian ancestral swag left and right.

Look at these guys, they can be complaining about Nigeria all morning, but just mistakenly whisper: “Ghana jollof is better than Nigeria jollof” in their middle. Try it first.

Let us know what happens okay.

See, Rwandans can be telling us how they have light and their economy is going through a boom and we’ll still be asking if they have Wizkid.

But really, do they have Wizkid?

Have you seen where they’re using corruption to brag? Tell a Nigerian how your country government is stealing money and they’ll tell you to send them to Nigeria to learn work.

Only in Nigeria!

But forget, Nigerians love themselves more than they love Nigeria. We can have no light at home, no fuel in the gen, be owing 5 months gbese and still find energy for TGIF.

Nigerians are the definition of I can’t kill myself.

All this one is story though. Again, if you see Canada visa, please just start running with it.

Forget solidarity in this matter!

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