How many government officials does it take to make much-needed road repairs on the Ibeju-Lekki axis?

Let’s see – add one decorative state governor plus a ceremonial local government chairman and an ineffective state house representative, and those roads just might be fixed right around the time our Lord and Saviour Master Jesus might be coming into town.

Thankfully, (even though this absolutely should not be the responsibility of the people) we have individuals like Ore Solana, the founder of Ibeju Lekki Connect, working to make good roads are one less hassle the people residing around said area, have to worry about.

Ore Solana – Founder Ibeju Lekki Connect

What is Ibeju Lekki Connect?

According to its website, Ibeju Lekki Connect (IBLC) aims to create an enabling environment for residents and individuals in the Eti-Osa-Ajah-Ibeju-Lekki-Epe surroundings. The company was created by Solana, who, fed up with having to shuttle between the mainland and her home in Awoyaya, thought up an easy way to connect residents and businesses alike within the area.

But, as we all know, Nigeria is one big whack-a-mole of problems. Where initially, the agenda of IBLC was linking residents, it soon morphed into banding together to save the occupants from the hellish traffic in the area, particularly Sangotedo.

Just how bad is the Ibeju-Lekki Traffic?


So what’s IBLC doing about the traffic?

  1. Bringing attention to it.

2. Making collaborative efforts to end the traffic.

If this isn’t the ultimate, fine, I’ll do it to the government, then we don’t know what is.

Ibeju-Lekki Connect has working plans to co-ordinate road-repair projects on its own. Again, absolutely should not be their responsibility ⁠— but we’re rooting for them and here’s hoping they can provide a lasting solution while the traffic menace, while the government points and kills or whatever.


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