If there’s anything we should rack this virus over, it is seriously cramping our buka eating culture.

No longer are we free to eat and sweat in close proximity with the next guy as his splash from battling his shaki gets on our shirt.

No more are we spoilt for choice, looking at the show glasses displaying soups, yam and rice dishes, before deciding on the standard amala, gbegiri and ewedu.

But most of all, it’s keeping us from some of our favourite people, the buka servers. We miss them so much, we made a list of all the different types we miss:

The happy one

Never stingy with the soup. Might even add extra half meat if she’s having a super day.

The one that doesn’t believe you deserve human portions to grow

To them, but portions are for the God’s. Take this half portion of eba for 300 and be happy it isn’t smaller.

The type that had a bad morning and doesn’t need your stress.

This one had a bad morning and will not hesitate to let you know your face is ruining it further. Order and go, you’re holding up the queue.

The one that strongly believes their sweat is a secret ingredient for the soup

You know the ones that lean in a little too closely to the soup? Trying to make sure they ruin your day with liver instead of beef? Them ones.

The one that just comes to work for the uninterrupted TV

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They’ll be giving signal to move when you’re blocking their line of vision to the TV, you know them ones.

The one that won’t hesitate to throw you and your change out if you start nonsense

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Annoy Aunty Bukky by asking her for your change one more time, just try it.

The ones that communicate that they’re listening to your order by rolling their eyes.

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