Buffets (AKA “Serve yourself” parties) always sound fun in theory. But in practice, a lot of things can go out of control. Imagine attending a serve yourself where you take one meat and they ask you to return one. Yes, things dey occur.

1. They can ask you to return one meat.

2. You can take a serving and someone will collect your plate and reduce it.

As per, “Be considerate, after all you are not the only one on the queue.”

3. Caterer can vex and hold your hand when they think you’re doing too much.

That look of “Bros, you no get shame?”

4. You cannot go back for a second helping.

Because someone is likely to side eye you as per “Go and take it na, shebi you don’t know more than food.”

5. One oversabi person is bound to see you taking food and ask you why you’re eating like you got a death sentence.

It can be three wraps of eba you will take, but to the people there, this is what they imagine.

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