Rad Economist

We’re just here to tell you that your pounded-yam is learning work where Sir Rad is concerned. Yes, this masterpiece you are looking at is in fact pounded yam and egusi you’ll be needing fork, knife and accent to eat. Follow to know how to get yours looking this good!

Dobbys Signature

If you read this post before eating, sorry for you. This page has all the best recipes for local and international dishes. If you don’t know what a potato dog is, you might want to follow her.

Tobi Smith

When you hear “there’s rice at home”, this is not the one they’re talking about. Tobi Smith makes the BEST meals using a mixture of local and international food staples. Give his page a follow to take your rice game from 0 to 100 real quick.


Guys, even CNN recognises this blogger as one to follow. She’s a big deal!

Nigerian Lazy Chef

This plate of beans and plantain just told me it’s not my mate and I agree. Her blog is so good, she’s the very first on CNN’s list of African food blogs to watch.

Dooney’s Kitchen

I opened my mouth to eat when I played this video and I’m not shy about it. This blogger is so good, she had to open a restaurant to prevent people like me from being too hungry and misbehaving.

9ja Foodie

One of the OGs in the blogging game, 9JA Foodie has recipes for days. If you’re looking for a recipe on any Nigerian food, chances are you can find it on the blog.

Food Ace

When someone calls herself a whole Food Ace, please use respect to look at her because she must know her stuff. I honestly just like looking at her Instagram because she makes food look so good. If you’re a long throat like me, then you have to follow this page!

The Kitchen Muse

Don’t you want to be protected the same way this plantain is lovingly covering these beans? The Kitchen Muse has you covered for beautiful looking meals like these.

Sisi Yemmie

I had to save one of the best for last. Guys, not only is she a food blog, she’ll dash you family and lifestyle goals all at once. Definitely, definitely one to follow if you aren’t already.

Who are your favourite food bloggers? Let us know!


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