For the love of the real stars, the producers, we created #Beatsmith — a series that focuses on the connections and inspirations that led to the creation of that hit song or album.

Reekado Banks is one of afropop’s most consistent stars, dropping at least one defining hit every single year. For 2019, that hit is the infectious “Rora”, which was masterfully produced by Tuzi, with a little help from the always-impressive Altims.

So, we decided to sit down with the fast-rising producer behind one of the yeat’s best songs, talking through how he met the star, how Altims popped in to add a little spice, and how anger influenced the track’s initial guitar progression.

On meeting Reekado Banks:

Following the release of Skiibii’s “Sensima”, which I produced, I got a call from Swaps to come meet someone in his studio. I rushed down there, and it was Reekado Banks.

I played him plenty beats — he really knows what he wants — and the moment he heard the beat for “Rora”, he said, “This is it”. He freestyled and invited me to his house the very next day.

On first discussing “Rora”:

There wasn’t really a conversation around making the song. The moment he heard the beat, there was an instant connection and we went right ahead to record it.

On inspiration and difficulty level:

The beat came from a deep emotional place, so it wasn’t really tasking to make. It was an expression of how I was feeling at the moment, and thanks to Reekado, he made the work easy.

On the coolest studio moment:

To me, I think the most exciting moment was definitely when Altims, who is credited as a co-producer, came into the studio and added some serious spice to the beat.

On the oddest influence:

Wow! I was very angry when I made the initial guitar progression on the beat. It’s something I still remember vividly. I was having an argument and, at the same time, my fingers were on the keyboard.

On if he’d change anything:

I have ‘Rora Final 1 to 5’ on my laptop, so whatever you are hearing is a complete, well-thought-out masterpiece. So, I wouldn’t change anything, unless Reekado decides to feature Drake or my crush, J Lo on a remix.


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