Since heaven is the goal, but your body is not firewood, here are some of the best sex positions that won’t ruin your heavenly race.

1) Missionary

The people that named this sex position knew what they were doing. It is simple, straight forward and as old as time. People that have sex like this will not be hindered from heaven because every single time you have sex in missionary, the good news is being spread. Something else might stop you from making heaven, but not this.

2) Upside down Ojuelegba spinner

There is something very spiritual about the number three. Since three is such a holy number, a sex position that requires three people will definitely not ruin your heavenly race. However, since this sex position has also been used to summon demons, you should be careful.

3) 69

Yin and Yang, 6 and 9. Both different, yet very much alike. When these two polarising forces come together, it creates something beautiful and whole. It is such a poetic and spiritual position, and that is why it is one of the best sex positions.

4) Cowgirl

The only way this position will not ruin your heavenly race is if you are the person on top. Being on top means being closer to heaven. If you are close to heaven then it will be easier to enter heaven.

5) Scissoring

The reason scissoring takes so much energy is because the act is one created to banish the devil out of your life, so you can focus solely in heaven. The heavenly race is a difficult journey, and for it not to be ruined, you need to engage in a sex position that is just as stressful as the race.

6) Doggy

There is something very primitive and primal about this sex position. It makes reference to a time before man was full of sin and guilt. With that logic, doggy also does not include the fear and guilt that comes from engaging in fornication or adultery. Doggy allows for you to be yourself, and be without sin or blame.



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