I think most people would agree when we say King of Boys: The Return of The King was very enjoyable. Shola Shobowale’s rent was due when she made that show. But that’s not the only thing I enjoyed. Every so often, when a character says a phrase, I’d pause the movie and laugh at the innocently sexual phrases that were sprinkled all through the series. Here are some phrases in KOB 2 That you could totally say during sex.

1. When you finally meet your dick appointment after sitting in traffic for 2 hours.

2. When your partner wants some and your inner dom comes out

3. When you contemplate letting him cum in you but change your mind at the last minute.

4. When it was bigger than he claimed

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5. When he finally agrees to have sex with you.

6. When your man introduces you to his side chick for a threesome.

7. When he’s asking for a 5th round but you’re tired.

8. When you finally gather the courage to ask him to eat your ass.

9. When the AC is too cold and you can’t find the duvet.

10. When you want to have urgent sex but your car is the only option.

11. When he asks you “whose pussy is this?”

12. When it grazes your G-spot.

13. When he tells you what he’s going to do to you tonight.

Not really a phrase, but you get the gist.

14. When your woman orders you not to touch yourself before she comes see you.

15. When your woman’s period is finally over.



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