Period sex is sex that happens while either of the parties involved are on their period. We asked Nigerians to share their period sex experience, here are eleven of them.

Anna, 18

This was my first and only period sex experience, but I find it a funny one because it happened on my heaviest day. It was nice and comfortable, but it was the messiest thing ever. Even with laying on an extra towel plus a blanket, it got everywhere. He ended up throwing away this sheets because he didn’t know how to salvage it.

Bimpe, 21

The first three times I ever had sex was when I was on my period. My flow’s light, so it wasn’t messy at all. I think it made the whole losing my virginity thing easier because the blood acted as extra lube. The next time we tried it we thought my period had ended, but unfortunately it had not. I ended up squirting blood all over his bed. I am so happy none got on his face.

Oganya, 30

The first time was in December in Abuja, I was 24. I’ve irregular periods, so I never really knew what was period pain or regular pain. I met this fine boy and after spending the day together, we went home. We had great chemistry, and I was relatively new at sex so he thought I was a virgin. I discovered it made the pain disappear, and it made orgasms faster because everything seemed so moist. The orgasms were lush and since then, there have been 5 of these.

Mo, 21

Period sex is actually really nice. You don’t have to worry about lube or not getting wet, except your period is almost over. The only thing that annoys me is that they can’t eat me out. Someone actually tried one time and I was scared and disgusted. It’s not me that will kiss you with that mouth. I obviously didn’t allow that kind of atrocity, even Dracula would not do that nonsense.

Chika, 28

My ex-partner and I used to have sex towards the end of my periods because I have quite painful periods, and would always get really turned on during that time. Oral sex helps me sleep, so whenever I couldn’t sleep, he would give me head to help me sleep. This was usually on days 4 or 5 of my period. He never went near the blood, but would mainly play with my clit until I came and went to sleep. He’s the only guy I’ve been with that would even entertain doing that. My current bf hates the idea of sex during that time.

Amaka, 26

My last relationship was a long distance one, and we saw like 2-3 times every year. During the Easter break I travelled to see him, and my period started that week. I wasn’t bothered cos my period lasts 3 days, but forces of darkness had other plans. Three days after I got there the period refused to stop, and body no be firewood. We took a shower together one hot afternoon and had the most amazing sex ever. I’m extra sensitive when I’m on my period and my body bangs different, so it was such an experience for both of us. I would 100% recommend.

James, 21

I was dating this girl back in school and we were quite creative with sex, so when I asked if we could have sex while she was on her period, she said she was down if I wanted it. So right there we Googled and found enough information. It was bloody.

Odion, 28

My first period sex experience was kind of weird and unexpected because my then boyfriend and I hadn’t planned to. I was supposed to be done with my period and had actually stopped bleeding the day before. We started, and I immediately felt something was different but it also felt really good. The lights were off and by the time we put them on, his penis looked like a popsicle. He enjoyed it too, so it kind of became our thing.

Khafilat, 21

It was fantastic. I feel like that time of the month in the female reproductive cycle is a cocktail of hormones that makes for extremely enjoyable sex. I also feel like the actual vaginal passage is more sensitive and receptive to stimulation during your period. It is super hot when the men are not fazed by the sight of blood, it makes me want them even more. The last time I had sex on my period, I came ten times and it felt like my body was going to explode. The best part is that there was no bloody mess after.

Damilola, 25

I’ve had period sex a couple of times, but they were all accidental. I didn’t really like it because I don’t like seeing or smelling blood. That is why my partner and I just have anal if I am on my period and we both want to get down. Since I use a tampon, there’s no blood or smell and it’s not messy.

Kunle, 23

It was the third day of her period and we were in my room, making out. It got too intense, but we thought it would end at that because she was on her period. A thought came into my head, and I asked if we could try it in the shower so the water washes all the blood away. She was hesitant at first but later accepted. We stayed in a University hostel, so the bathroom was public and this was by like 1am. We decided to go in, and I stood outside first checking if anyone was there, then called her to come in. Someone came in, so we had to pause. Luckily for us it was dark and the person didn’t see us. When he left, we continued. It really was worth it.

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