Has your DM game been holding your back? Has fear stopped you from finding true love? Well, let us share some tips on how to slide into your crush’s DMs.

1) Send them money

7/10 times they will reply your message when it starts with “Can I send you something for the weekend”. This may only work if you send them plenty money, and if you are rich.

Speak on it Queen

2) Buy something on their wishlist

“Can I buy you this thing because I want to get to know you better” is such a beautiful way to slide into the DM of your crush. Gift giving is a love language for a reason. Once again, will only work if you have money.

3) Introduce yourself

It is important for your crush to know the name of their future bae. Say your name, and at least something fun about you.

See introduction nau

4) State your reason for sending the DM

Even if it is to buy something, always say why you are texting. Even if you do not have a reason, say you do not have a reason. Just say something.

5) Be funny

If you are not rich, at least be funny. People like funny people.

Funny is all we know

6) Do not send sexually explicit content

Phallus pictures, bob and vagene, etc are only acceptable when the receiver has clearly stated consent. Do not be a creep, if not you will chop block.

7) Investigate

Will you just DM someone you know nothing about? How will you be able to tell if you have anything in common with this person? Stalk their account and extract valuable information in a non creepy way.



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