Are you worried your man is too hot and that his heat might attract your friend and make them want to steal him from you? Don’t worry, babes. We’re here to help. 

1. Invite your friend into your relationship.

They can’t steal what is theirs too. Them being in the relationships means your man is safe and secure on both sides. You can rest your mind knowing he’s getting enough love from you and your sister/girlfriend. 

Polyamory: Whats Love Got to Do With It?? | BLACK & POLY
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2. Put a “DO NOT STEAL” tag on his forehead.

That way, anyone who comes close to him will know he’s not available to be stolen. Anyone who tries to steal him after seeing that tag should be reported for being a hardened criminal. 

3. Shrink him and keep him with you at all times. 

You can consult the MCU for how to change him to Ant-Man

. Better still, just visit a local Babalawo for this one. No one is going to steal what they can’t see. Even if they try to steal him, shrink him to a microscopic level.  

4. Date your friend.

This is different from inviting your friend into your relationship. In this case, you are dating a friend that might want to steal your man and potentially reduce their greed. Don’t think too much about it. It makes sense.

5. Don’t have friends.

No friend is going to steal your man if the friend doesn’t exist. Let your man be your only friend. Is it unhealthy? Yes. But at least, you’ll have peace of mind.

6. Steal your friend’s man first.

The best defence is a good offence. Stealing your friend’s man first is good character development for both of you.  A real friend is going to learn how much it hurts and not want to do the same thing to you. 


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