If you thought this reunion couldn’t get messier than the fight from Tolanibaj and Vee’s episode, I present to you the focus of last night’s episode: Dorathy’s gluck gluck activity with Brighto AND Praise’s 5-second midnight genital meet & greet with Katrina. Let’s start with the former.

VIDEO] BBNaija Reunion 2021: 'How I Got Entangled With Brighto'

At the start of this episode, we see that the lineup has been altered a bit. After destroying Tolanibaj in their insult match the previous night, she’s gone and has been replaced by Laycon, and Erica STILL isn’t here. Brighto hasn’t said a word the entire reunion and Lucy is still serving discount dominatrix/old school Nollywood female cultist realness in a black bra, purple mosquito net skirt, and Dark Betty fringe bob wig.

Trickytee starts the episode talking about interactions he observed between other housemates, confirming my theory that he spent his entire time on the show being a supporting character in everyone else’s storylines. Wathoni mumbles something about possibly seeing Dorathy give Brighto a blowjob — a blowjob with an aftermath so messy, Wathoni had to change the sheets. She probably expected Dorathy to be ashamed but was shocked when Dorathy owned it with her entire bossom.

Dorathy goes on to say that she might as well have given Dracula that blowjob because Brighto was cold as hell the next morning. Didn’t even say “good morning” or “thank you for all that good neck you threw last night.” Brighto says that he didn’t have anything to say and insists that he didn’t do anything wrong, making Dorathy reach into her bra and throw money at him for some reason. This made me wonder: Did Dorathy come with money in her bra hoping she’d get a chance to angrily make it rain on someone?

We moved on to the next big issue of the night: Praise and Katrina’s genital bump session in the house.


Katrina says she heard Praise say to someone in the house that he would never have anything to do with her because of his fiancé on the outside. Katrina says she took this as a challenge for some reason and decided to dance on Praise’s disco stick by any means necessary. She claims that she had sex with Praise that night (to prove a point?) but got less than she bargained for when Praise only lasted 5 seconds. She also kept screaming about how it happened in her bed like that’s supposed to change anything.

Here’s the video of Katrina narrating the story in her own words — and accent that sounds like she always has hot yam in her mouth.

The reactions from everyone in the room were meme-worthy. Lucy (the queen of chaos) had to hide her face behind a pillow. Kiddwaya finally took off his winter jacket. Then there was Nengi, who sat terrifyingly still the entire episode and didn’t say a word.

Katrina adds that when Praise was evicted, he called her up, asking for another chance to do a better job in the bedroom. she says that after constant calls from Praise, she hooked up with him again. Just like their first go at it, he lasted only 5 seconds, bringing their total sex time to 10 seconds. Praise tries to defend his honour but does a horrible job at it. Someone drags Lucy into the mix by asking her how she felt about this, seeing as she had already expressed romantic interest in Prince. That’s where the episode ends, and we’re promised even more chaos with a short clip from the next episode.

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