After 25 years of adventure, Ash and Pikachu’s Pokemon storyline will end this year. It’s sad, but they’ve had over 1200 episodes of fun and battles defeated by the power of friendship, so they’ve tried. 

Now that they no longer have work, here are some things they can do to fill the void.  

Grow old 

Now that he has time on his hands, he can consider looking like the 35-year-old man he’s supposed to be. I don’t know how Japan is o, but if he had a Nigerian mum, he’d have to drink anointing oil daily and go for deliverance. 

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Visit his family members 

I too, would go on a quest to avoid my family members, but this man child, who remains eternally ten might’ve taken it too far. Does he occasionally see his mom and absent father? Yes, but now that he’s jobless, he can spend even more time helping out at her restaurant and paying tax like the rest of us. 

Start a business 

I mean, he’s already the best pokemon trainer. If he starts a gym, people will pay to be taught. He too dey vex, so I don’t know about him being a good teacher, but it’s better than loafing around. 

Get into tech 

Will catching pokemon put food on his table? No. Tech is in, and pokemon is out. All he needs to do is buy a MacBook, catch a python, invest in turtlenecks and start talking about seed funding for something. Boom, a million billion in his account. 


Even God rested on the seventh day. If he’s not fighting team rocket, he’s training one difficult pokemon or preparing for a battle — all for free. It’s okay, abeg. He should rest.

Become a travel blogger

He already has 25 years of experience travelling around. I’d watch his “get ready with me”, “what I eat in a day”, and “outfit check” videos any day. This job would fit him well. 

Realise the world is cold and dark, and friendship isn’t everything

Optimism is out; pessimism is in. In real life, you can’t even defeat a bad-mouthed three-year-old with the power of love and friendship, not to talk of real-life challenges like stretching your January salary. He would understand sha. All the very many times he lost a fight prepared him for this moment. 

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