As kids, we did a lot of things that we look back on and shake our heads. Do you know the most hilarious one? Realizing that half the songs we were singing with passion as kids are unbelievably sexual, filthy or littered with sexual metaphors.

Today, we are going to take a look at some of those songs.

Do Me by P.Square

Maybe I am a little bit slow but it didn’t click in my head that the P-Square brothers were telling random women at the club to do them (as in, sleep with them). Do you know how shocked and gagged I was when I realized what I had sung along to all those years? God safe us.

Ur Waist by Iyanya

Unlike Do Me where a lot of us actually had no inkling, Ur Waist was much more overtly sexual and obvious. However, due to how popular and mainstream the song was, we still had many kids bumping and grinding to this despite how unbelievably inappropriate it was. Hell, I think I remember them playing this at children’s birthday parties.

Kerewa by Zule Zoo

I think I can say that a lot of us didn’t really know what Kerewa was about the first time we heard it. I know I definitely had no idea, and when I found out I was like, ‘surely, you lie!’ Turns out they weren’t lying, and we were spitting trash as kids. I think that explains a lot about our lives now.

Bizzy Body by P.Square

P.Square had a knack for making overtly sexual songs come across as very tame. This is hella impressive because the song had the lines ‘If I catch you, I go turn you on, when I grab you, to the break of dawn, you go loose control.’ I think at this point we can all agree that almost every song we listened to as kids were very sexual.

Kondo by Dagrin

This is a bop, I have to say that first of all. Secondly, this is possibly the most detailed sexual bop on this list, my God. There’s a line that goes ‘Na today, me and you go do it all’ and you know what? I stan.


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