If you dream of being a rapper and don’t know how to tell your Nigerian parents, this article is for you. If not, you might want to read something else and be blessed. 

Now, my future rap kings and queens, let’s get into these tips. 

Tell them you want to rap for Christ

So many musicians started out as gospel artists. Who says that can’t be your story? There’s a higher chance your parents will allow you to start your rap career if they know you’ll rap your way through the gates of heaven. 

At least, drop one gospel album before you start rapping about bagging shorties and imaginary Ferraris. 

Bribe them with grandkids

If you won’t be the first tech inventor in your family, the least you can do is give your parents a new batch of children to project their hopes and dreams on. Or what do you think? 

Show them how much Nigerian doctors and lawyers are making 

It’s important to remind your parents that doctors are the ones going on strike every week, not rappers. Doctors and lawyers were ballers back in your parents’ era, but these days, not so much. If your parents don’t believe you, take them to Quilox to see who’s buying tables and Azul. Why do you think people say, “dinner with Jay Z” and not Dr Ben Carson? 

Tell them you saw the rap career in your dream 

Imagine your parents telling you not to be a rapper after you’ve told them it came to you in a dream. In fact, If they start to argue too much, just pull out receipts of all the times they stopped you from going out or doing shit because they had a dream. Sorry o, Martin Luther King. Unless they can dream a dream that’ll match your own, case closed. 

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Share the gist via WhatsApp broadcast message

In a delicate situation like this, it’s essential to speak to Nigerian parents through the medium they understand — WhatsApp. Send a broadcast message to one of your aunts, and watch the gist spread everywhere. By the time the story gets to your parents, all the people they would want to hide it from would’ve already heard the gist. No need for them to say, “What will people say?” 

Rap about your plans to become a rapper

Do you know what’s better than talking to your parents about your rap dreams? Rapping to them about your rap dreams. The best way to convince anyone you’re good at something is by doing that thing. Freestyle for your parents. If it slaps, they’ll support you. If it’s trash, well, at least you tried. 

Remind them of all your sibling’s fuck-ups 

Your parents need to know you’re not the only disappointment. Let them weigh all their children’s fuck-ups and realise you’re a saint in the grand scheme of things. 

Blow first…e get why

How can your parents argue when you have thousands of followers and a song that’s everywhere? Money stops nonsense, so move in silence until you have enough fame and success to shut your parents up. 

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