10 Times Don Jazzy Actually Won Twitter

September 8, 2015

Whether you realize it or not, Don Jazzy owns Nigerian Twitter; the rest of us are simply renting. We are honestly still waiting for him to launch his own social media class, but are we really even worthy?

From starting day-long trends to filling the pockets of his many followers, these were 10 times Don Jazzy was the undisputed King of Nigerian Twitter:

1. When he convinced us we could all look as good as Korede Bello winking.

It was obviously a lie, but we all bought it.

2. When he bought a follower a TV just because he asked.

I just need 100k, sir. Just 100k.

3. When he shut down the Secondary School in Nigeria trend.

He won. Trend over.

4. When he taught us how to handle success in the music industry.

While we only taught you how to make a hit song, he taught what comes next.

5. When he flawlessly trolled Meek Mill

6. …and Nicki Minaj.

The Troll King.

7. When his sarcasm won.

Still laughing.

8. When he asked the important question.

Since no one else was going to…

9. When he gave us perfect life advice.

10. When he had the perfect reply to a troll.

With a picture and everything.

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