Exactly a week ago, we lost a music legend – Naija Ninja himself, Lanre Fasasi popularly known as Sound Sultan. Many of his songs were a large part of our childhoods, and it’s disheartening that he’s gone.

As they say, legends don’t die, they live forever, and in this case we have music to prove it. Here are 8 Sound Sultan songs that’ll remain evergreen in our minds.

1. Motherland

If you listen closely, you can’t help but marvel at the accuracy of the lines as they tell a familiar story. The overall message and feel-good vibe does it for me. Plus, the remix with Johnny Drille is fire!

2. Ole (Bushmeat)

How many times did we chant: “one day bushmeat go catch hunter”? I can’t answer that because I can’t count.

3. Kokose

The beat is amazing! Even if you’re a rock, you can’t help but move body while listening. By the way, spot starboy, Wizkid.

4. Hello Baale

Someone said, “This is the best song to nod to on a cold or rainy evening while riding on a bus or train.” Honestly? No lies detected. It’s an easy listen; just close your eyes (for maximum effect) and let the music course through you.

5. Natural Something

I am ready to be your mugu, your personal maga for life…” Still doesn’t ring a bell? How about this: “I no be Casanova but I like woman dem”? Thought as much.

6. Gud Gal

If you see any ‘good gal’, please ask her what she’s looking for with a bad man oh before her father will kill her. The video for this song gives off old Nollywood vibes. Lol.

7. Orobo

Ahhh. Omolomo yen oh! This one’s for all the curvy queens out there. Tuale! mamas.

8. Ishe

From weddings to birthdays, there’s no Nigerian event you can’t play this song. On watching the music video, the lyrics and corresponding costume hit you as well. I love how it accurately depicts the ‘hustle’ spirit. No work, no food after all.


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