Nobody is saying you have a problem oh, but remember a year or 10 ago when you just “kind of” liked K-pop? Now, all you have is a terrible sleep schedule because you’re up late watching variety shows to spark joy in your life. And if you just started listening to K-pop, you’re well on your way to exhibiting these traits. 

You and YouTube are besties

You spend too much time watching variety shows, music videos, behind-the-scenes interviews and live performances. No one is saying that’s bad, but check how long you spend on this app. At this point, your catchphrase should be “just one more episode”, liar isonu. 

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You’ve downloaded Korean apps

Weverse, VLIVE and all their family members, because the air you breathe — as it should be — is K-pop, and you must consume it everywhere. 

Your fashion style isn’t for our weather

Your Google history is full of searches like “Korean street style”. Your parents don’t even complain anymore. How many times a day do you lie to yourself that you too could be fashion-forward if you had Jennie or Lisa’s wardrobe?

You don’t own your gallery anymore

Because it now belongs to your idols. It started as an innocent thing, saving one picture here or there, but now, you can’t find photos of your friends to post during their birthdays. To be fair, they too, should go and become K-pop idols if they want your attention. 

You use K-pop lingo

You mention things like maknae, aegyo and bias in regular conversations like everyone understands what you mean. Bonus points if you sprinkle Korean phrases like kamsahamnida,saranghae and araso and expect people to act like their brains have subtitles. 

You’ve watched videos without subtitles

If you’ve gotten to this point, just admit your fate. If you’ve ever found yourself watching a K-pop video for four hours and smiling until you realise you don’t even understand a word of what they’re saying, pele, welcome to the club. We’re broke because we spend all our money on data and merch in this club. 

Your social media looks like a fan account

As it should be when you’re supporting greatness, to be honest, but what happens when half of your followers now have you muted? They’ll see someone complaining about how plantain is more than ₦1500, next thing a K-pop artist is dancing the most complicated choreography ever created. 

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