6 Questions We Still Have About Avengers Endgame

May 7, 2019


Also, it’s been out for two weeks already. If you haven’t seen it, what have you been doing with your life?

So after 11 years, 22 movies, and over $20 BILLION, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “Infinity Saga” has come to an end.

Yay 🙌

However, having watched the movie twice since it was released, I’m here to demand answers to several questions Endgame raised with its own plot and logic. Questions like:

1. After present day Nebula realized that 2014 Thanos knew about the Avengers’ entire plan (due to her memory connection with 2014 Nebula), why didn’t she just leave 2014 with Rhodey?

Seriously. If she had just gone back to the present with Rhodey, Thanos would’ve had no way to follow. I mean, he would’ve found out about the plan (quantum realm and all) but without access to the technology, he would’ve had no way to follow them.

I stan Nebula but homegirl fucked up sha.

2. Why didn’t Nebula inform the Avengers that getting the soul stone from Vormir requires human sacrifice?

In Infinity War, when all the characters on Titan ambush Thanos and attempt to take the gauntlet from him, Mantis puts Thanos in a trance and realizes that he is in mourning. Starlord asks what Thanos could possibly be mourning and Nebula puts 2+2 together to reveal what we (the audience) had already witnessed.

That he killed Gamora to get the soul stone.

So tell me why Nebula left out that super important detail when she informed them of the soul stone’s location. She even gave that depressing speech during the planning session. Nawa oh.

3. Do you realize how insane it is that out of the 14,000,605 possible futures that Dr Strange saw, the only one that spelt victory for the Avengers involved a rat accidentally flicking a switch?

Antman is the most important character in Endgame because he if never got out of the quantum realm, there would’ve been no one to tell the Avengers about its time travel capabilities. So it’s just really lazy that the writers couldn’t figure out a better explanation for Antman’s escape than “rat accidentally flicks switch.”

4. Is no one worried about the ruined 2012 timeline where the Avengers let Loki get away with the tesseract after the battle of New York?

The Ancient One gave the Hulk strict instructions to return the infinity stones to their respective timelines after they were done using them, to avoid destroying the futures of said timelines. So tell me why no one gave a shit that Loki disappeared with the tesseract after their botched mission to get the space stone. They didn’t even give it a second thought. They just went to the 1940s in another timeline to take the stone from there.

5. What happened to 2014 Gamora?

Present day Nebula was able to convince 2014 Gamora to turn on Thanos and fight with the good guys. We see her kicking ass on the battlefield and save Star Lord’s life even. But when Star-Lord attempts to touch her face (thinking she’s the Gamora he knows), she kicks him in the nuts and walks away, disgusted.

That’s the last time we see her.

By the movie’s end, we see Star-Lord using his ship’s systems to scan for signs of her life force but he finds nothing. So, what happened? Did Tony’s snap affect her too?

6. How do you think Captain America reacted when he ran into Red Skull on Vormir?

You know this definitely happened. Before deciding to spend a lifetime with Peggy, Cap was tasked with returning the stones to their proper timelines. This would’ve made a hilarious post-credits scene. Marvel missed an opportunity with this one.

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