Everyone loves Frank Donga. No seriously, the only people who don’t are the people who don’t know him, and I can’t help but feel bad for them. The fictional character of NdaniTV’s hilarious ‘The Interview’ comedy series, played by Kunle Idowu is ridiculously funny.

The best part? He isn’t just funny on video, his Instagram page @FrankDonga_ is filled with a ton of posts that range from the funny to the inspiring, and on a good day, manage to be both those things.

Here are 17 of our favorites:

1. The one about James Bond.


2. The one with Bey and Jay.

FD 2

3. The one with 2 presidents.

FD 3

4. The one with Will Smith.

FD 4

5. The one with a Dog.

FD 5

6. The one about salary.

FD 6

7. The one about drinking garri.

FD 7

8. The one about being unemployed.

FD 8

9. The one about the colour of the sky.

FD 9

10. The one about the sun.

FD 10

11. The one about his tailor.

FD 11

12. The one about buildings abroad.

FD 12

13. The one with Drake and Meek.

FD 13

14. The one with @EmmaOhMaGod.

FD 14

15. The one with the Serena and Drake.

FD S and D

16. The one with a hater-proof haircut.

FD 16

17. The one about Mondays.

FD 17

You can follow him on instagram for more hilarious posts @FrankDonga_


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