10 Songs That Prove D’Banj and Don Jazzy Need To Work Together Again

October 21, 2015
Before the falling out and the lukewarm reconciliation – that I still don’t totally understand – the pairing of D’ Banj the eclectic entertainer and Don Jazzy the versatile producer always resulted in pure magic. These 10 songs are proof that we need – No, deserve – at least one more project from them, PLEASE.

1. Tongolo

This was our introduction to the power duo, and what a stellar introduction it was.

2. Soco

This song is as much a jam now as it was then. Writing this has gotten it stuck in my head again.

3. Mobolowowon

A seriously beautiful song, that ranks among the best either of them have ever worked on.

4. Why Me?

The true and very well deserved breakout hit.

5. Gbono Feli Feli

My personal favorite on the list. It’s incredibly catchy and very well produced.

6. Fall in Love

This is one D’Banj song that will truly tug at your heartstrings. You will feel ALL the feelings.

7. Scape Goat

I still don’t know why I love this song as much as I do. But if i had to think of a reason, I’d have to go with its infectious beat.

8. Olorun Maje

This song is a JAM for dayssss. It has been on repeat since I wrote this article.

9. Suddenly

Still as fun to listen to as it was the first time it was released. D’Banj and Don Jazzy were really something special.

10. Oliver Twist

The most popular song on the list, and the last one the magic duo worked on together, Please, we need more of this. [zkk_poll post=7855 poll=content_block_standard_format_11]

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