1) Mike (Nike)

“Mike Ezuronye. Ọ bụ gị? (Is that you?)”

2) Sonia (Sony)

Sonia is the name of the white woman on the pack.

3) Poly Station (Play Station)

There’s so much wrong with this but the thing that bugs me the most is that Nintendo doesn’t even own Play Station. Sony does.

4) Heimekem (Heineken)

How much are you willing to bet that the person behind this is named Nkem?

5) Sdidsa (Adidas)

I initially read that as “Sambisa” and my brain froze.

6) All of these (Puma)

Didn’t someone once say that variety is the spice of life?

7) Deats By Nani (Beats By Dre)

“Molowo NANI!”

8) Ghanel (Gucci + Chanel)

Nna ehn, they even combined the logos for the two brands.

9) This Abominable Combo (Obama + Sonic + Harry Potter)

This one worries me because Sonic looks like he has Jaundice.

10) This Ralph Lauren Polo logo

The horse threw the guy off its back and is now running away because it doesn’t want to be associated with this nonsense.

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