Don’t think because all your mates are working in tech, it’s the only way to make money in this life. We’re here to tell you to shine your eyes. No need to have all that burnout when you can be relaxed. 

Nobody will lay you off

Whether you do nonsense, there’s a change in government, there’s inflation, the stock markets are crashing or the world is burning, your job is your job. Abi, don’t you like job security?

Working hours are whatever you decide

Have you ever been to a local government office at 2 p.m.? Nobody is ever on seat. They just show up by 11 a.m., send someone to buy amala, and when they’re done eating, go home. But you’re there working from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. because you’re “building”. Okay o. 

You always have someone to send on errands

There’s always a youth corper you can send to buy food for you. Always. Can you send your tech colleagues on errands? Do you want them to drag you on Twitter for being a bad boss? 

You don’t work remotely

Let’s not lie: we’re all tired of remote work. Being at home alone and in front of your computer all day is boring. Humans were not created to live like this. Local government work will have you entering public transport like it’s 2013 again. What a way to feel alive. 

You don’t really need skills

What skills do you need to sort files and tell people to come back tomorrow? Zero. And you’ll collect a salary. Seems like a win-win to me. 

The office politics is sweet

Today, you’ll hear someone jazzed someone because of a promotion; tomorrow, another person is sleeping with oga’s wife. Stories for days. What stories do you hear in your startup? 

You can make more than your salary 😉

We don’t support corruption and misappropriation of funds o. We don’t even know how this point entered our article. 

KPIs and OKRs? What’s that?

Nobody is setting any smelling goals and reviewing them every six months. What’s that, please? Just come to work, vibe and go home. Peace be unto you. 

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