Ghosting can be weird – whether you’re the one being ghosted or doing the ghosting. When this happens, you’re likely to go through phases of worry, confusion, self-doubt, anger and finally make-everybody-getat.

Wondering why exactly you’re being ghosted? Especially from people you really want to be in communication with? Here are 8 possible reasons.

1. Village people

Sometimes when you can’t see any possible reason in sight, then it could be the fault of the person’s village people. They might have shaken a pot somewhere to make them start displaying craze.

2. They not into you

You might as well have been one of the ten people they were using as a distraction. Now, they’ve gotten their fix and fiam! it’s peace out to you. It hurts, but take heart.

3. They might be actual ghosts

May God not let you see bad thing, but what if the person who ghosted you and now you can’t find them on any socials is an actual ghost? Think abourrit.

4. They’re going through a rough patch

People deal with difficult times differently, and some suck at communicating that they’re just trying to survive. While you think they’re ignoring your texts, they’re probably fighting cancer or something.

5. They stole from you

Yes nau, because some people can move mad. The person ghosting you might have taken something of yours and doesn’t plan on returning it. You might want to check your house well for missing items.

6. Your wahala is too much

Some people don’t know how to confront you if they’re tired of your shit. They’ll just quietly remove themselves from your life without a trace. So, check yourself?

7. They have feelings for you

It’s twisted, but that person could be ghosting you because they’ve caught feelings, and are terrified of vulnerability. Hence, they see it as an act of self-preservation howbeit from a place of anxiousness.

8. They think you plan on ghosting them

The streets are wild and eyes are red. The minute some people think (think, because they might be assuming) that you want to do them dirty by ghosting, they will try to outsmart you by ghosting first. All these mind games are unnecessary, to be honest.


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