If there’s one thing that’s infinitely funny about workplaces, it’s how you can be a Gen Z leading a team of baby boomers and millennials. Like an unknown wise woman said, “Skill is seniority at work. Keep your age in your pocket.”

Even if you aren’t currently in this situation, you may experience it one day, so you should prepare your mind for these things.

So, you just got a fantastic new job with a salary that looks like it can last two months

Finally securing the bag. Purrr.

Only for you to resume to see old faces everywhere

Wait first, these people look like they can give birth to me o.

You start getting used to calling them by name

Even though your Nigerian mother’s by-force home training makes you feel like you’re committing a sin.

You may be lucky to work with the cool ones…

The ones who are more interested in ensuring the work is done and couldn’t give a rat’s ass who’s older than who.

Or the ones who’ll carry it on their head

These ones will forever have a hard time understanding why oga is a “small child” and will try multiple ways to undermine you.

They’ll try the “I’ve been working for 20 years” card

Yes, we know you’ve been working here even before I was born, but kindly work on this task I’m delegating to you. You know, a job you’re being paid to do?

They’ll play the age card


Them: Oh, you’re 25? My last child is 27 years old. 

How’s that my business?

They may try to teach you your work…

Sure, it’s great to learn from more… experienced colleagues, but there’s a reason you’ve been hired to bring innovative ideas. So, innovate.

Or they make you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing


Them: You want to cut down on hard copy reports? I hope this won’t lead to complicated processes sha.

But you should never doubt yourself

It’s very easy to develop imposter syndrome when you’re the youngest person on a team, or managing a bunch of older people. Don’t. You’re darn good at what you do, and don’t stop believing it.

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