Every time something bad happens, you’re quick to blame your village people. Have you ever considered you may be the cause of your problems? No. It’s to blame a set of people you’ve never seen, who apparently only have your downfall in mind. Your village people are tired, so stop blaming them for these things.

Not getting that job

The job announcement asked for someone with eight years of experience, and you still applied despite being a 22-year-old fresh graduate. Ok, maybe you had the experience, but they chose their inexperienced nephew over you. Another point to nepotism. 

For being single 

You stay in your house Monday to Sunday and think the people in the village are the ones stopping you from entering a relationship? Keep deceiving yourself. Or you go out, but you don’t know how to have a conversation beyond “What are you up to?” and “Have you eaten?”

For being broke 

Blame yourself for every moment you’ve said, “I can’t kill myself” or “This life na one”, then gone ahead to splurge on something you didn’t need. The economy is tough, and your village people have nothing to do with that.

For the relationship that ended

You were emotionally and physically unavailable, and barely ever communicated. What did you think would happen? Now, you’re crying and blaming your village people who were even feeling bad for your partner. 

For getting fired 

You hardly ever did your work. As if that wasn’t enough, you now lied about being sick then posted pictures of yourself at a beach in Ghana. But no, your village people put evil thoughts in your manager’s head, and that’s why you got fired.

For not getting that visa

This isn’t yours or your villagers’ fault. The people at the embassy are just wicked. 

For getting malaria 

Your village people aren’t trying to kill you. Your blood type is just AA. 



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