4 Pros (And Cons) Of Being In A Relationship

December 21, 2018

Being in a relationship can be a beautiful thing. But much like everything else in this life,  it also has its downsides. My goal here is to list and explain all the pros and cons of relationships. So you don’t end up getting stuck in something you didn’t plan for because this is cuffing season and everywhere is cold.


Let’s start with the pros.

1. The gum-body effect.

If you ever find yourself yearning for a connection with another person? A craving for a relationship where you both love, support, and care for each other deeply? That’s normal, and you’re not alone. Most humans crave emotional bonds and the great comfort they come with. Being in a relationship with the right person, helps you achieve this.

2. The freedom to be as silly as you want.

There’s nothing worse than the first stage of getting to know people because then you’re afraid of doing some things or making certain jokes because you’re afraid of scaring them off. In a relationship, all the what-ifs, and awkwardness are all gone and you can both be as silly as you want.

3. Shared Memories

When in a relationship, doing seemingly mundane things becomes memorable just because you’re doing them with the person you love. There’s nothing better than telling a story and having your significant other complete it because you both experienced it together.

4. A loving relationship shields you from the swarm of STDs always waiting to attack.

The above image perfectly explains this entry.

And now…

1. The inability to comfortably whore around.

If you’re the kind of person that likes to “sample different pots of honey” and you thought that being in a relationship would change that but it didn’t, then you’re screwed.  You’ll fight the temptation for as long as you can and then cheat, possibly giving your significant other life-long trust issues when they inevitably catch you.

2. Knowing that you now technically belong to someone else.

You can no longer do anything you want, whenever you want because you now have to take your significant other’s feelings into consideration. Same goes for your privacy.

3. Knowing that your heart can be smashed into pieces at any moment.

Basically, if you never get in a relationship, you can’t get your heart broken. Cunny man die, cunny man bury am.

4. Any other relationships in your life (family and friends) will die.

It’s a well-known fact that when a person gets caught up in a romance, all the other relationships in their life tend to suffer. This is because they start paying more time to their significant other than other people (friends, and sometimes, family).

Of course, there are a lot more pros and cons than the ones here discussed here. On an episode of the new season of our show Nigerians Talk, we asked the cast to talk about everything relationships, and they spat hard comedic truths. Check out the episode below:

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