While the rain tends to help with the heat, that’s where the positives seem to end. With rainy season comes flooded road, crappy light and an endless parade of mosquitoes.

Here are 13 things that are too true about this season:

1. When the rain gives PHCN another excuse to take light.

As if they needed any more reasons.

2. You, whenever it rains at night:

The best.

3. When the rain waits until it’s time for you to go out before it starts showing itself.

Na wa oh! Calm down.

4. You, waiting for the clothes you washed to finally dry.

The worst.

5. When you start seeing all the mosquitoes that come with the rain.

I don’t have energy for malaria, abeg.

6. When traffic decides to use the rain to show itself.


7. When Nigerian drivers see a puddle and pedestrians.

Sorry we don’t have car oh!

8. When your internet starts misbehaving because of the rain.

Please, respect yourself.

9. You, crossing the road like:

Jehovah, help me.

10. When the roads start showing their true colours.

What the hell?

11. When you’re on the island and it drizzles small.

This is embarrassing.

12. When you just wanted small rain, but it’s now raining everyday.

It’s enough, biko.

13. Your DSTv signal be like:

No chill.


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