If you’re a true foodie like us, then the ultimate dream is to travel across different states, eating different amazing dishes.

Obviously, Kano, one of Nigeria’s biggest cities- is home to some of the yummiest dishes ever.

And because we love you, we’ll be showing y’all foodies the recipe for Miyan Taushe (Pumpkin soup) and Gurasa (Flat bread)- this dish feeds 6 people with less than N2000- you’re welcome.

1. For the soup, you’ll need:

2. For the Gurasa, you’ll also need:

3. And guess what? Everything costs a total of N1750 only!

4. First off, wash and chop all your vegetables for the Miyan Taushe.

5. Next, mix all dry ingredients (flour, salt, sugar and yeast) for the Gurasa in a bowl.

6. Add warm water to the mix and knead the stiff dough.

7. Cooking the Gurasa is a lot like flipping pancakes.

8. Once they cook, stack them up and get on with cooking the Miyan Taushe.

9. You need to blend your pepper and some pumpkin (Kabiwa) together – save some pumpkin pieces for your pot.

10. Next, fry the onions in palm oil for a bit then bring all the Miyan Taushe ingredients to cook- except the vegetables, of course.

11. After a few minutes, add your vegetables! That’s your spinach and Yakwa.

12. Time for the secret and most important ingredient *drumroll* Maggi cubes!

13. Let it all sit on low heat for ten minutes, and you’re all done.

14. And that’s how you make a great Northern dish for six people with less than N2,000.

If this story is too long for you, you can catch the recipe in the video below:

15. You can also keep up with many more interesting dishes from all over Nigeria on Delicious Naija, from Maggi Nigeria.

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