1. When your friend starts crying over tablecloths and centrepieces.

Is this one normal?

2. When she chooses ugly bridesmaid dresses and expects you to pay for them.

Aunty you have lost your mind?

3. When she brings out diet and a menu for everyone months before her wedding.

What is all this one now?

4. When there is fight everyday in the bride and bridesmaids group chat.

Because of gown I am now being insulted!

5. When she tries to guilt trip you for not caring enough about her wedding.

Aunty bye bye please!

6. When she is fighting half of the vendors in Nigeria and expects you to help her sort it out.

No thank you. Fix your own mess.

7. When she starts using family members to harass you and your friends because of the wedding.

Association of wedding wahala!

8. When she thinks she can call you at any hour because everything is suddenly “urgent”.

This has now turned to a spiritual issue.

9. When you refuse to do something for her or are unable to, she looks at you like:

“You’re so selfish”.

10. When she starts dispensing relationship advice because she has a strong case of ‘I’m getting married syndrome’.

Keep quiet, please!

11. When the wedding is over and she comes back to her senses, you’re like:

God has finally brought her back to her senses!

12. But now another friend is planning her wedding so you are about to suffer all over again.



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