1. So after making mouth for weeks, it’s finally time for you to show everybody what you can do in the kitchen.

2. Especially since you have been criticising everyone else’s cooking.

3. This is you, entering the kitchen with pride and confidence.

4. When people ask you if they can help, you’re like:

5. This is you, suffering to cut all the onions by yourself now that you’ve done shakara.

6. When you forget you handled a lot of raw pepper and then touch your face.

7. When all of a sudden the food you are cooking starts looking like sacrifice.

8. Then the smell of the food is more of an odour than an aroma.

9. Meanwhile, all your friends and family are looking at you, like:

10. And you are wondering who you offended.

11. Now everyone is waiting for their food, like.

12. Then you finally bring out the rubbish you prepared.

13. And everyone laughs at you, like:


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