1. When you find out your cousin is coming to visit.

Party time!

2. When your mother forces you to clean the whole house 7 times because you are “expecting visitors”.

How many clean will we clean because of one person oh?

3. When your cousin brings you all the things you asked for.

Best cousin in the world!

4. Your parents when you say you want to take your cousin out.

“Is that money enough?’

5. You when your mother brings out snacks you’ve never seen in the house:

Na wa oh!

6. How you step out in the new clothes your cousin bought you.

Freshest there is!

7. When your parents leave the generator on longer than normal so your cousin “isn’t too stressed”.

So I don’t get stressed abi?

8. When your cousin is getting special “I Just Got Back” (IJGB) treatment.

So the rest of us are now what?

9. When you get “assistant IJGB” treatment because of your cousin.

Ehen! That’s what I’m talking about!

10. When all your friends meet your cousin and start doing fake accent.

What is all this “fiun fiun fiun” these ones are doing?

11. When your cousin’s “local champion” is getting too much.

My friend will you allow somebody hear word! Are you the first to live abroad?

12. When your cousin is about to leave so your enjoyment is coming to an end

Please stayyyyyyy!


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