1. When you ask them what they put in their mouth and they quickly swallow before you can stop them.

What kind of wahala is this?

2. When they decide the toilet is their new swimming pool.

Can you imagine?

3. When they realise they can use their teeth as a weapon of mini destruction, they’re like:

Is this one a child or an animal?

4. When you think if you ignore them they’ll stop crying but they just increase the volume of their cry.

You cannot ignore them forever!

5. When they decide to use their crayons to design all the walls in the house.

Mini Picasso by force!

6. When they finally start talking and won’t stop even when you beg.

And if you peg their mouths people will say it’s child abuse.

7. When you just finish tidying the house and tell them to sit down in one place, they’re like:

“No mummy!”

8. When you are trying to potty train them and they are uninterested in all the rubbish you are talking.

So what is pampers for?

9. When they insult people by mistake and you have to start apologising.

And you think they don’t understand what they’re saying!

10. When they sleep in the afternoon and won’t allow anybody hear word in the night.

Please sleep now!


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