1. When you remember this Sallah is the one you get to eat meat anyhow.

I can’t keep calm!!!

2. When it’s 2 days to Sallah and they still haven’t bought the ram.

What’s going on in this house?

3. How they finally deliver the ram to your house.

Caution: Handle with care!

4. How you feed the ram so that it can hurry up and grow fat.

Eat it all up sir!

5. When you’re at the Praying Ground but all you can think of is the ram.

I can’t be looking for ram upandan o!

6. How the ram starts looking suspicious when it sees people carrying knives up and down.

‘What are these people doing?’

7. When the ram vexes and decides to prove stubborn.

Oga will you calm down and let’s get this over with?

8. How the whole house comes out to kill the ram.

The more, the merrier!

9. When your mom is being extra slow about preparing the meat.

I am not understanding.

10. When people suddenly start calling you out of the blue, just ‘to greet you’.

So you have my number?

11. How you hide when it’s time to cook the plenty meat.

Please I’m not here for stress o!

12. How you attack the meat when it’s finally ready.



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