These ones know everything. Even the thing they don’t know they know. They’ll become the self appointed group leader.

The Excuse-givers

These ones will never come for meetings or they will come late and they’re always armed with one excuse or the other. “Erm, I’m sorry…my aunty’s sister’s husband’s cousin’s first son’s former classmate had chicken pox and I had to apply calamine lotion on his back every five minutes”.

The Jesters

These ones like to make everyone laugh. Their goal is to provide comic relief for the group.

The Timekeepers

They are not here to waste time. If the meeting is looking like it’s going to take longer than planned, they’re the first to let y’all know it’s time to go home.

Bye Felicia!

The Silent Ones

They’ll neither contribute nor argue with contributions made. Their own is just to come, listen and go.

What kind of team-player are you?

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