1. When you tell someone where you’re from and they start speaking your language to you.

Ah! Calm down.

2. How Nigerians look at you when you say you can’t speak your language:

I’m sorry.

3. When you lie that you can speak it and someone asks you to.

Uhm. Actually…

4. When your relatives visit and your parents completely dump English.

Hay God! I’m missing family gist.

5. When you hear some words that you understand and try to connect the dots.

I must do this amebo.

6. When a relative that knows you don’t understand keeps speaking it to you.

What’s the point?

7. When your parents only ever spoke English to you and then all of a sudden say “speak your language!”

How though?

8. When you hear your name mentioned in a conversation happening in your native language.

Hay God!

9. When one of your relatives offers to teach you.

I no do.

10. When they start comparing you to your cousin that is fluent.

What’s my own?

11. When you go to the village and someone comments on how you “still don’t understand it.”

See me see trouble.

12. When you have to visit relatives that can only speak the language.

Oh God!

13. You, attempting to speak it = 80% English + 20% Words you can remember.

I’m trying na.


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