1. When she woke Tiwa by 5:30am to tell her what the Holy Spirit said.

Holy Spirit has now turned into gym instructor.

2. When she showed that she had mastered the art of guilt-tripping.

Nigerian mothers are the travel agents for guilt trips.

3. When she had the perfect response to Tiwa’s extreme dieting.

Nigerian mothers basically invented sarcasm.

4. When she flawlessly transitioned from dragging Tiwa to dragging Shalewa.

“You sef… How many men have you brought into this house?”

5. When she sent Shalewa to clean the kitchen with the ultimate Nigerian mother threat.

No Nigerian child has ever heard the end of this threat. Can’t risk it.

6. When she didn’t try to hide how she felt about Tiwa’s first love.


7. When she turned up in every Nigerian mother’s Owambe uniform:


8. When she was very clear about what she wanted for her birthday.

No time, abeg.

9. Nigerian mothers and “I had a dream.”

Oshey, Josephine the dreamer.

10. Her priceless reaction to Shalewa’s boyfriend buying her a car.

See the reach.

11. When she said every Nigerian child’s worst nightmare:

When you hear this, you know it’s all over.

12. When she spent this entire visit shouting and gossiping about church members.

Nigerian mothers forget gossiping is a sin when their friends appear.

13. When she prayed for her daughters even when she was angry with them.

How Nigerian mothers show love.

And if you’re not already watching Skinny Girl In Transit, just start here and go down the rabbit hole of greatness:


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