1. When someone playfully slaps your teeth.

See rough play.

2. Their reaction when they see your teeth falling.

‘Why is it falling like manna from heaven?’

3. When you’re having ice cream but you have to wait for it to turn to water.

The pain.

4. When your friends start biting ice cream like it’s biscuit.

Show off.

5. When you make the mistake of eating meat that is harder than your big head.

Who sent me?

6. How you cover your broken teeth when your crush is talking to you.

Let me cover my shame.

7. You, when it’s time to see the dentist.

Nothing good ever comes from that.

8. When you see the TV advert for the toothpaste that will save your life.

The answer to my prayers!

9. How you rush to buy this heavenly toothpaste.

Before they come and finish it.

10. When you now want to test yourself by chewing ice cubes.

Very big mistake!

11. You, when you realize the toothpaste is one big scam.

I played myself.


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