Toothbrushes are literally the reason your teeth looks like this:

Instead of like this:

Now imagine if they could talk, they’d definitely have a lot to say.

Yup. Here are a couple of things that would babble from or toothbrushes’ bristles;

1. “Eh sah, can you please stop holding me like we’re fighting?”

2. “Say after me; toothbrush…not chewing stick!”

Wow. When we are not scrubbing jeans!

3. “Oga, what have you been eating?”

Why is your mouth smelling like bumbum like this? Is that where the food comes in or goes out?

4. “I have tried now. Let another toothbrush enter set.”

I want to retire. I can’t keep doing this. It’s been too long, you have to let me go. Didn’t your dentist tell you only three months?

5. “Seriously, you don’t floss?”

Like, for real? Who are you?

But seriously, guys, dental hygiene is important

It’s easier to brush properly than to fix holes in your teeth. And now, here are 9 things broke ass people are really tired of hearing.


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