1. Washing Toilets

Remember what your school’s hostel toilets looked like and you’ll understand why this is a big deal.

2. Becoming the official errand boy for all the seniors.

Just cancel any plans you might have made that day.

3. Lying down under a senior’s bunk for hours.

You’ll have time to think about all the mistakes you’ve ever made in your life.

4. Frog Jump

You won’t be able to walk after.

5. Pick Pin

The ultimate torture technique.

6. Driving Motorcycle

Look on the bright side, this is a good tummy exercise. So thank that wicked senior for the six pack you have now.

7. Sucking your thumb

This one was funny and painful at the same time.

8. When a senior tells you to use your knees to walk across a tarred road.

Is this not wickedness? Do you think you’ll enter heaven like this?

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